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  • 24 Apr 2017 6:37 AM | Lorri (Administrator)

    Time...there is never enough of it it seems!

    In an endeavor to get more done, I am trying to shift my sleep clock.  I have never been a morning person.  In fact, I worked nights for about 10 years.  So, today I started setting my alarm a lil bit earlier and will do so over the next few weeks.  I want to get up earlier so I can get more done!

    This time of the year is so busy.  The biggest addition to the schedule is taking care of the grounds around the farm.  There is a lot to mow and a lot to weed wack.  That takes up a lot of time which leaves less time for getting horses worked and getting my workout in.

    Today my online fitness motivation group starts again.  Thank god!  Having this group to help me stay on track really makes a big difference in keeping me on track.  It really helps me to stay on point with my meal plan and to get those workouts in!

    I totally slack off without my group! So it's good to be back with my tribe!

  • 28 Mar 2017 7:59 AM | Lorri (Administrator)


    So excited to be riding again!  Fyn and I did 30 minutes again today.  We started out with some hand walking.  We did more walking once I got on.  He was a little worried about something he heard outside but took very good care of me!  I am usually at the barn by myself so that is a concern but there isn't too much I can do about that.  I have to ride alone or not ride.

    After some walking we did trot work with walk breaks.  We even cantered a couple circles in each direction today.  Then we finished with our yoga!

    So this make the 4th day in a row that we were able to get our workout time in.  I am really shocked that I am not sore after not riding all winter.  It's good to know that my workout program is working!  Fyn was a little sore from yesterday.  Surprising, he did not want to stretch our his "good" side.  He was reluctant doing the stretches for his left side.  But we took our time and we got there!

    All this time off from injury and re-injury is going to take some time to get past for sure.   But we are off on the right hoof!  Let's hope he can stay in one piece!

  • 27 Mar 2017 12:29 PM | Lorri (Administrator)

    The indoor renovation is mostly done!  All that is left is refreshing the footing and putting the water sealant on the new kickb oards.  What that means is...I can get horses worked during the day again!!!!


    I lunged Fyn without tack Friday and Saturday last week.  It was warm and he got super sweaty really fast. He wanted to work though, but he always does.  He has amazing work ethic and really likes being ridden!

    Sunday after I finished the am barn work, I really wanted to just go home and get some rest as Sunday is supposed to be my day off...HA!  I don't get those.  Instead, I forced myself to tack up my guy.  I am so glad I did!!!

    He was such a good boy.  I didn't even lunge him first.  We started out just hand walking around the indoor a bunch of times.  Then, I got on.  After walking under saddle for a bit we did some trot work.  He was stiff of course.  But he wanted to trot and got more and more loose as we went along.  I gave him some walk breaks in there.  Altogether we we in the ring 35 minutes.  

    After I got is tack off we did his "yoga".  We have some stretches we are doing after every session.  He likes doing them!  He was so pleased with himself after finishing!  

    How did he feel you are probably wondering?  Well, he felt pretty good actually! He felt better and better as the ride went on and he loosened up!  So, we keep going!

    Fingers crossed!  He is such an amazing horse.  He is so kind and steady under saddle.  He is willing to teach and I have lots to learn!  He enjoys being ridden and I love riding him!  So here is to many many many many more rides!!!

  • 02 Mar 2017 6:12 AM | Lorri (Administrator)

    It's seems like forever since I have posted!  There has not been much to update.  We have felt like a broken record.  It has seemed like a repeating cycle of coming back to work, getting re injured, taking several months off to heal....and so on.

    Here we are again.  Fyn's leg seems good.  He is bored and wants to come back to work as always!  We have been on hold this winter with the indoor arena under renovation.

    I did not clip Fyn in the fall since he was not in work.  He has a very thick coat.  I can't clip him now unless he gets a bath.  That certainly hasn't been able to happen in the winter.  With sawing and hammering going on in the indoor, I can't work any horses in there during the day.  I can't work him at night because it doesn't take much to work up a sweat when he is this out of shape.  I don't want him standing around a cold barn wet.

    I have teamed up with Lauren Kline of Dark Horse Massage.  In watching Fyn move it seems that his right shoulder is really tight and not allowing his right front leg to reach forward as much as it should.

    Now that things are settling down with the renovation, I am hoping to be able to regularly get some time in with Fyn!  We have started lunging for short periods. After he has been lunged and his muscles are all warmed up, we stretch out the shoulders.  Fyn really likes his yoga! 

    After yoga he gets some tissue work done trying to get this tightness to release so his right front leg can reach like the left does.  He is starting with the left shoulder and the right shoulder looking and feeling very different from each other.  For example, his left bicep is much more developed that his right bicep. 

    We are taking regular pictures and video so we can compare his progress.

    Yesterday he got the day off because it was 70 something and really humid.  He was sweating just standing in his stall. 

    So that's where we are...starting AGAIN.

  • 26 Apr 2015 7:13 PM | Lorri (Administrator)

    We are back in the saddle!  Today was day five riding....yes you read that right...riding Fyn!  It's been a really good week for sure.  He feels great, and he feels great!  If you have understand.

    To find out more.....follow this link!

  • 31 Mar 2015 8:31 PM | Lorri (Administrator)

    Fyn Looks Great!  I am afraid to get too excited!  But, the big guy looks and feels great!

    He is so much happier back in work and he is just ready to go.  Good news!  NO, Great news!!!!!

    Did I mention he looks and feels great?!?!?!  Soooo excited!

  • 02 Mar 2015 8:03 AM | Lorri (Administrator)

    Sponsorship doesn't always come in the form of monetary contributions!  Helping out by giving your time is worth it's weight in gold for sure!

    Special shout out to my dear, and long time friend, Lois Gemmell.  She has been my babysitter for my first few times getting back on Fyn.  Thank you Lois for taking time out of your life to come over and help me out! 

    I spend a lot of time alone at the barn.  If something were to happen while I am riding, it could be hours before anyone might come along and find me.  So, there are certain horses, and situations that I wait until someone is around to ride.  Getting back on a horse that has been on stall rest with only hand walking and no turnout for several weeks, is one of those times.

    Lois has been generous enough to come over and sit with me while I get Fyn going again.  It's also great to have her helping me with my position too! 

    Fyn is REALLY glad to be back under saddle.  He doesn't want to just walk.  He says "I'm fine!  Let's Go!"  At the same time, while he want's to just go, he is keeping it all together and keeping me safe.  What a good boy!

    So, thank you again Lois!!!!!!  Thanks for being apart of our team and helping us on this journey back to the competition ring!

  • 27 Feb 2015 5:00 AM | Lorri (Administrator)

    Ahhh Winter!  Mother Nature seems to just want to keep throwing cold air and precipitation at us.  I don't remember having such a long stretch of such bitter cold weather before.  Last winter we certainly had a lot more snow and it was cold, but not this cold.  This year we haven't had as much snow fortunately!  Although it is snowing right now.

    We have had many days that have been really windy with high temperatures in the mid teens and low at or below zero.   Wind chills have often been in the -20's.  Funny how now, 20 with sun and no wind feels like a spring day!

    Most people in this area, including myself, have had enough and are ready for spring!  The barn work just takes longer and is harder in this weather.  For example, just turning out the horses in one of my fields....normally a 5 min job.  NOOOOO not right now.  It took me 45 minutes to get the gate unstuck from the ice.  On top of that, the door from the indoor arena to get to the field is frozen shut.  Rather than spend an hour on that, I just took some fence rails down on the double fence line between fields to access that pasture.  But finally, I had one more field to use so that all the horses could go out at once rather than in shifts. Success!  The horses were able to go out and enjoy the warm 20 degree day!

    Since the fields are all snowy or icy (mostly icy), Fyn is not getting turnout.  We don't need him slipping around out there.  Fyn and I have been getting as much hand walking in as we can.  There are days when I have been just too exhausted, and too cold once I get all the barn chores done.  Or, the wind is gusting and blowing so hard that I can't take a chance on him spooking in the indoor arena.  On the up side, with high temperatures in the teens, no one has been getting ridden so even if he hadn't had a set back, he wouldn't be getting ridden. 

    This week, mother nature willing, we go back to tack walking.

    While he has been healing, I have been busy trying to get myself back into shape for him.  That was a lot easier to do when I was younger!  If you want to hear more about that, Read More

  • 20 Feb 2015 12:45 PM | Lorri (Administrator)

    For those of you living in North Dakota it may be no big deal....but for us...this weather is no fun!  I woke up to a temperature of 0 this morning.  The temp inside the barn was 17 when I got there.  All the buckets were frozen.  The pastures are frozen.  Wind chills of -25.  

    We were having a perfectly nice winter until 2 or 3 weeks ago.  Then, blam...frozen tundra.  The air is too cold to work horses.  The fields are to slippery to turnout.

    Fyn and I are just hand walking around the indoor ring with our warm layers on.  We are both tired of it and want to get going again, get moving, get riding, get out!  But I am thankful that this year, at our new location, the indoor is attached to the stabling area so we can hand walk, inside, out of the wind and in safe footing.  For this we are sooo thankful! 

    Having said that....How do I go about going to Florida next winter with him???

  • 15 Feb 2015 12:04 PM | Lorri (Administrator)

    It's been awhile since I have updated!  My goal is to be much better about that!  We have welcomed Jordan and her horse Trooper to the barn.  Jordan is helping out with the barn work!  This means that I actually get a day off and a morning to work in the office.  So updates will be more forth coming!  Yay!

    The barn has been very busy since we moved back to Bucks County!  That's great, but also time consuming!  I have been so busy running the barn, teaching lessons and working horses that I haven't had time to blog.  Another prime example of why sponsorship is so important to equestrian professionals.  Whether you contribute financially, with  free or discounted products or services, or by donating your time, it all helps allow me to focus more time on Fyn and keeping you guys up to date.  So thank you to everyone who supports us!  Every little bit helps!

    So what's going on with the big guy?  We had a little set back about 8 weeks ago which is quite disappointing.  Click here to read more

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