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WHAT DOES IT TAKE, Why Do Riders Need Assistance?

Competing at the national and international level is demanding -- physically, emotionally and financially:  the hours spent in the saddle, working out in the elements,  the travel, the hours in the gym...the hours in general.  The days are very long and very physical.  You have to love this "job" with every fiber of your being, and I do!  I know I have the ability, the passion, the desire, the discipline, and the coaches.  What I don’t have is enough time or money. 

Financial support is integral for competing at the national and international level in equestrian sports.  American equestrian athletes rely on individual and corporate funding to relieve the financial strains of competition and training.  There is no government funding for equestrian athletes up to the Olympic level.  That is where sponsorship comes in.  It takes an enormous collective effort, by a great many people, to get a horse and rider in the ring. It really does take a village

Please join Team Biamonte.  I assure you, regardless of the type of support, or size of contribution, all will be gratefully received and put to very good use!

Let's look at some of the costs associated with competing:

Horse Related Costs
On average it costs $6,000 per year for room and board, plus other routine expenses.  Fly spray runs up to $20 per week in the summer and the farrier trims hooves every 6 weeks at $60 -225per visit depending on the horses needs.  The dentist costs $110 annually and a year’s worth of vaccines totals around $450.  Horses in competition have additional costs.  For example,  nutritional joint supplement costs $65 per month, chiropractic care is $200 per visit, and yearly saddle fittings are about $350.


Training Costs
Time with your coach is crucial.  To be competitive you need eyes on the ground scrutinizing your every move in the saddle, during practice and competition.  Even Olympic riders have coaches they work with regularly.  Coaching and training fees run about $2,300 per horse per month.


Direct Competition and Travel Costs
Entry fees for horses competing at 4th level or below are $30-50 per class and can go as high as $200 for upper levels.  Traveling expenses per show will vary but on average a 2 day show away from home costs about $500 per day which includes stabling fees, bedding, food for horses and humans, grooming and hotel.  This doesn’t include airfare or costs to ship a horse to a more distant show.

Competition attire is elegant but costly.  The basic black or navy short jacket is approximately $400.  Above 4th level a tailcoat, called a Shadbelly, is required which runs on average $800.  Tall boots can cost $1,000 a pair.  A competition saddle costs on average $7000 dollars.  A good bridle at the lower levels costs $300.  Upper levels required a double bridle and the cost -- you guessed it -- is double.

Indirect Competition Costs
Active competition impacts the finances of Biamonte Stables.  When competing I lose income from normal teaching and training, and my expenses go up as I hire someone to “manage” the barn in my absence.



Individual Sponsorship
- Invest your time.  Relieving Lorri of barn duties gives her more time in the saddle.  It also reduces payroll costs, which makes more money available for training and competing. There are many ways to help that don't need horse experience.  Non horsey help can come in the form of bookkeeping, doing horsey laundry, helping with marketing and social media coordination and many many other things.  


Financial - No dollar amount is too small.  All contributions are gratefully received.  One way to help financially is to subscribe to this blog for as little as $5 per month and have access to the member only content in addition to what is accessible to everyone.  Other Forms of support could include monthly or one time donations (no matter how small), sponsoring a horse or a related horse expense, sponsoring a block of training sessions, providing a horse for competition. Have another idea? Suggest it to Lorri. 

iGive - Do you shop or search online? If yes, you can help Team Biamonte financially every time you do.  Join, and use, and a percentage of your searches/purchases (paid by the company) will be donated to Biamonte Stables.  It's free.  It's easy.  It's a great way to help without taking any money out of your pocket.  Click this link or the button to the right for more Sponsorship The


Corporate Sponsorship

The benefits are many.  We custom fit your business sponsorship relationship so that you derive the maximum benefit for your business.  For instance, your banner ad can be placed on our websites; information about your products or services can be in newsletters, in the barn; greater awareness can be generated through word of mouth advertising, and via social media; we are open to suggestions.


Contribution of goods and services - Have a product or service to offer?  Our belt is notched pretty tight so we are open to exploring ideas.  Services and products donated or offered at discounted pricing are incredibly helpful!  In an active barn, those discounts really add up!  Perhaps you have a product or service to put up for auction or raffle?  Be creative!  


Monetary - Financial contributions are always welcome!  Every dollar is put to very good use!  Sponsor a horse's expenses, sponsor training fees and lots more.  No dollar amount is too small.  All contributions are gratefully received.  One way to help financially is to subscribe to this blog for as little as $5 per month and have access to the member only content.



What's In It For You



Be apart of something.  do you admire the sport of dressage?  Do you admire the beauty, elegance, and majesty of the horse?  Are you in awe of the harmonious partnership between dressage horse and rider?  How would it feel to be a part of making it happen?


Spend time with people of common interest.  Make a day of it at the shows:  watch horse and rider combinations turned out in their finest, attend the social gatherings, shop at the vendors, meet new and interesting people, get in the winners circle for a picture, come to the hospitality events.  Have "back stage" access!  See what goes on behind the scenes at the shows and in the barn.  Be kept up to date on all the goings on.



The equestrian consumer audience has an annual expenditure, as estimated by the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) members, of over $2 billion.

  • 38% have a net worth over $500,000
  • 80% make or directly influence purchasing decisions at work
  • the market value of the average home is $594,000 and 22% own 2 or more homes.
  • average 30 nights per year in a hotel
  • own 3 vehicles

Dressage is the fastest growing English riding discipline and has possibly the highest demographic profile and occupational mix represented by any equestrian sport.  It is followed closely by a diverse group of affluent and influential customers.


Increase the exposure of your business to the equestrian audience.  Network with other sponsors and companies.


An interesting and unique way to entertain prospective and current clients- ringside at dressage shows and your VIP backstage access!  Clients love visiting the horses in the stabling areas, feeding carrots, and cheering from the sidelines for a horse and rider combination they feel an attachment to.






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